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With financial industry experience spanning several generations, the Global Capital Protection Team is the right choice to assist you in achieving your goal of capital and asset protection for you, your company and your family.

What's my First Step?

It all begins with the formation of an offshore IBC (International Business Company) or or Offshore LLC (Limited Liability Company). Savvy International Investors and International Business Owners will tell you forming a solid, Offshore IBC or Offshore LLC, in the right jurisdiction is imperative as the foundation to any strong capital and asset protection plan.

You Are in Control, Always.

International Business Companies are no longer a tool for only a select few elite, wealthy investors. IBC's can be very affordable and with the Global Capital Protection industry veterans by your side, your Offshore IBC or Offshore LLC will be a breeze to set up and as the beneficial owner of the corporation, you retain 100% control of your assets at all times.

The Right Choice, in the Right Place.

Not all Offshore International Business Companies and Offshore Limited Liability Compnaies are created equal, there are several jurisdictions to choose from with different characteristics, some may suit your needs better than others. Whether it's a Nevis IBC, Nevis LLC Belize IBC, Belize LLC, Seychelles IBC or Anguilla IBC, you can be confident Global Capital Protection will help you find the right Offshore IBC or Offshore LLC in the best jurisdiction to fit your financial, capital and asset protection plan.

Serious Privacy, Serious Protection.

By law, Offshore International Business Companies and Offshore Limited Liability Companies take your financial privacy very seriously, no names appear on any public records, anywhere. In fact it is a federal offense for any employee to release any information on an Offshore IBC or offshore LLC to anyone with out a specific court order, and even those are hard to get! Offshore IBC's and Offshore LLC's can also be a key component in the protection of your domestic company's assets from frivolous litigation. It's an unfortunate fact that there are those in society who make a substantial living at the expense of hard working business owners through multiple, frivolous lawsuits. One lawsuit can be financially devastating, erasing years, or even a lifetime of hard earned savings. Ask a Global Capital Protection Specialist how an Offshore IBC or Offshore LLC may help to insulate your company from such litigation and protect your financial privacy.

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