Offshore Brokerage Accounts

Global Capital Protection can facilitate an Offshore Securities Brokerage Account through Licensed IFSC Brokers in Belize or in alternative jurisdictions including Grand Cayman, Panama, and even the United States. Investors can have market access to stocks, bonds, options, ETF’s, and a wide variety of Money Market and Mutual Funds on all the major global exchanges worldwide (including many of the emerging market exchanges) from a single investment account. Whatever your investment objective, your Investment Account will allow you full access to the major markets and products and easy access to the cash in your account.

Brokerage Account Application Assistance

We work closely with a number of brokerage firms and if you have set up an IBC or other legal structure through us we will make the necessary introductions and assist you in opening your brokerage account.

*Brokerage houses typically charge an initial fee on new accounts. However, Global Capital Protection charges no fees of their own to facilitate the opening of a brokerage account when opened in conjunction with an online IBC.

Questions & Answers

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Offshore Brokerage Accounts:

Why would I want an Offshore Securities Brokerage Account?

By diversifying your investments into different foreign exchanges you hope to avoid a total loss in the case a major event negatively impacts or disables your local stock market.

Offshore Brokerage Accounts make sense when protecting against civil litigation. Many jurisdictions do not recognize foreign judgments and will require obtaining a judgment locally in order to proceed with attaching ones assets. The expense, red tape and time of obtaining a foreign judgement is a strong deterrent to all but the most serious judgements.

Offshore Brokerage Accounts are also a great way to derive passive income in an Offshore Trust or Foundation, generally for estate planning purposes within a tax-optimised jurisdiction.

Which Foreign Exchanges are the most popular?

The two largest and most popular stock markets in the world are:

  1. New York Stock Exchange (US)
  2. NASDAQ (US)

These two markets have a combined value of over $45 Trillion traded shares.

If you are looking to diversify outside the US…

Top 5 Stock Exchanges Outside the US:

  1. London Stock Exchange (UK) with over $10 Trillion in traded volume.
  2. Tokyo Stock Exchange (Japan) with $6.5 trillion in traded volume.
  3. Euronext (Belgium, France, Netherlands and Portugal) with over $5.5 Trillion in traded volume.
  4. Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Germany) with over $4 Trillion in traded volume.
  5. Shanghai Stock Exchange (China) with $4 Trillion in traded volume.

How do I report an Offshore Securities Brokerage account on my tax return to stay compliant?

There are extra considerations for filing and disclosing foreign entities and income earned offshore. It is best to consult a reputable tax professional to help guide you through the process.

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